John Ryan

Ryan had no plays on Thursday, but did win his 10* AL Total of the month lay Wednesday. This Titan comes with a comprehensive report featuring two game situations that have combined for a 17-1 record.

Ben Burns

3-0 on Saturday and 3-2 on Sunday and is now a solid 18-8 +$6,112 with all of his picks the last seven days. Burns is a perfect 2-0 (100%) to open the 2017 CFL campaign. MLB GAME OF WEEK and AFTERNOON ANNIHILATOR!

Sean Murphy

Sean is stepping up to his 10* TOP RATING for his MLB Big Chalk Game of the Month on Tuesday night! Plus the CFL season is in full swing, grab your season pass for one all-inclusive price now!


ASA is RED HOT at the ballparks with a 18-13 RUN L31 Premiums and STELLAR 8-1 YTD with Free Picks in MLB! ASA's baseball TOPS (11-6 YTD) winning ALL YEAR LONG and BIG Monday is ready! HUGE TOPS coming this week too!

Sam Martin

After another successful football campaign, Sam Martin is trying out a new marketing approach for his basketball selections this season, where he is offering just the picks with no reasoning for only $15!

Marc Lawrence

Put Marc's powerful database and 40 years of unparalleled service to work for you this season - you'll be glad you did!

Big Al McMordie

Big Al McMordie's the most honored technical handicapper in the country. Don't miss any of Al McMordie's award-winning plays!

Jimmy Boyd

Jimmy Boyd wants to help you build your bankroll! **CASH IN BIG** on the bases this summer! Get a 7-day pass for $174.97!

Scott Spreitzer

Scott Spreitzer is likely passing on Monday. Please check back on Monday afternoon for a possible play.

Bryan Power

*INSANE* 81-50-3 Overall L39 Days! +$45,465 since Thanksgiving! MLB has been ABSOLUTELY PREPOSTEROUS: now on a 100-54-3 Run including a *WHITE HOT* 74-41-3 L118! What are you waiting for? Subscribe today!

Frank Sawyer

Frank Sawyer suffered his worst day in months on Sunday but it is testament to how good a run Hollywood Sports has been on that they remain on a 61% WINNING CLIP over their last 75 plays (45-28 *62%* in MLB)!

Larry Ness

The first half of 2017 saw Ness pretty much dominate everything he touched, but clearly June has been a big disappointment. That's about to change on Monday though. This 33 year veteran puts his foot down this week!

Ray Monohan

It's time to invest with Razor Ray isn't it? Ray is 100% documented, so let's make some P-R-O-F-I-T-$ today! 223-186 (55%) +2485 since February 1st. 7-1 Run L3 Days. MLB is heating up! Buy a SUB! Let's Go!

Brandon Lee

**EPIC 581-498 All-Sports Run** $1,000 Players Profiting $42,000 L365+ Days! Don't miss out on Monday's 50* AL OVER/UNDER TOTAL OF THE MONTH **67% RUN OVER LAST 5 DAYS**!

Jeff Allen

World Champion Jeff Allen finishes epic NBA playoff run at 28-6 and 5th overall for NBA on the network. Low volume/high win percentage bases through the summer with football right around the corner!
Service Profit ROI Pct WL
John Ryan $640 +82.0% 100.0% 6-0
Ben Burns $548 +13.4% 69.2% 18-8
Ray Monohan $375 +18.4% 61.1% 11-7
Sean Murphy $185 +14.9% 60.0% 6-4
Brandon Lee $161 +7.6% 55.6% 10-8
Service Units ROI Pct WL
Frank Sawyer $655 +4.6% 55.7% 68-54
Ray Monohan $426 +4.8% 53.9% 42-36
John Ryan $83 +2.5% 53.9% 14-12
Service Units ROI Pct WL
Frank Sawyer $1,271 +3.7% 54.8% 160-132
Bryan Power $964 +3.3% 57.3% 122-91
Jeff Allen $695 +7.0% 57.1% 48-36
ASA $78 +0.5% 51.7% 77-72