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How to bet on UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship? It came out of nowhere as one of the most popular and fastest growing mainstream phenomenon of the past decade, so naturally mixed martial art fighting, particularly the world-renowned UFC brand, has emerged as one of the more intriguing wagering opportunities available to bettors. There’s nothing like weighing in on two fighters in the octagon, a clash of the world’s finest athletes that we can’t get enough of.

If you want to know more about betting on the UFC, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re new to the sport or to betting altogether, our all-inclusive sportsbook gives bettors every opportunity to get way into the fights. You can do everything from pick a winner to consider our huge offering of individual prop bets for a bout. You can even parlay some of your bets for a grand-size payout.

There are a number of different ways to bet on the UFC, but none more popular than traditional moneyline betting. Moneyline betting, of course, refers to picking one outright winner and then waiting to see how the action unfolds. Other options include prop betting (which involves weighing in on particular aspects of a bout, such as submission style, fight length, etc.), and parlay betting (tying two or more wagers together).

UFC Moneyline Betting

Moneyline betting is a favorite among fight fans looking to wager on the UFC; all it involves is wagering on one outright winner.

The payout fluctuates, dependent upon the odds for each specific bet option. A reigning champion fighter, a consensus favorite among UFC experts like Anderson Silva during his prime, for example, would likely come with a lower payout than a significant underdog would.

The most popular way to bet on the UFC, or any other mixed martial arts event for that matter, is to bet on the moneyline. Betting on the moneyline simply means betting on one individual fighter to win a particular fight. Moneyline payouts fluctuate depending on each individual bet option. The favorite prior to the match, naturally, will offer a lower payout than an underdog will.

Consider this mock moneyline:

Ronda Rousey -165
Miesha Tate +135

From this we can derive that Rousey is the favorite. The lower value (minus sign) always indicates the favorite, whether the gap between the two is enormous, such as the case in a -600/+400 fight, or relatively small like in our example.

While the values represent the relative value of each bet option, they can also literally represent the payouts available in some specific situations. In the above example, a $100 wager on Tate (the underdog) would yield a payout of $135.

A negative value, however, is slightly different. If one were to wager on Rousey, they would have to bet $165 in order to win $100. Of course one doesn’t have to bet $100 every time they place a wager, though.

The most fun part about betting on the moneyline, then, isn’t simply throwing money at the underdog and hoping for the best or wagering on the favorite and then panicking every time they take a shot, it’s knowing which wagers you want to place. Sometimes you may have more confidence in a particular underdog than the sportsbook does. In contrast, you may feel that a favored fighter, while given the slight advantage by oddsmakers, isn’t being given as much credit as he ought to be.

UFC Parlay Betting

Parlay betting is a type of bet that involves linking two or more bets together. The benefit of parlay betting is that there is a far greater payout in the event of a successful bet; the risk is that all of the legs (or bets) within the parlay have to happen in order for you to win. Prior to a busy fight night, there may be several bouts in which a bettor feels confident about selecting a winner. By placing a parlay bet on the two of them, that bettor can then increase the possible payout.

Parlay betting makes for a far more intriguing fight night. The idea is that a bettor can choose to tie two or more bets together – to parlay them – with the benefit being a higher overall payout.

The risk of parlay betting is that all the individual outcomes, or legs of the bet, must be successful for the bet to win. This type of bet, then, is useful when a bettor is especially confident about multiple bet options and is looking for a way to increase their potential payout.

To better understand parlay betting, let’s look at this example of two moneylines.

Anderson Silva -600
Chris Weidman +400

Jon Jones -300
Quinton Jackson +375

If a bettor wanted to bet on both underdogs, Chris Weidman and Quinton Jackson, they could do so individually and win the respective payout of each wager. Let’s say you wagered $100 on each. Betting $100 on Weidman would result in $400 profit; betting $100 on Quinton Jackson would result in $375. That’s a combined total of $775 worth of profit.

If they want to maximize their payout, they may choose to parlay the two together. Parlaying the two together and betting the same $200 would result in $1,250 profit because the odds are adjusted. That’s considerably more than the two individual payouts added together.

The risk, however, is that both outcomes must occur in order to win. Let’s say Weidman beat the odds and defeated Silva, but that Jackson did in fact lose to the favored Jones. If both wagers were parlayed together, then the resulting payout would be $0 despite the fact that Weidman did come through.

Simply put, parlay betting gives bettors a chance to maximize their payout by taking a bigger risk. Any number of bets between 2-12 can be strung together, each additional wager increasing the potential payout. Just remember, if 11 of the 12 happen to succeed, but the other one does not, the entire bet is lost.

If you bet on the exact outcome of a UFC prop as part of your parlay, that leg would be graded as a push and your parlay would reduce with your payout being adjusted.

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UFC Prop Betting

While betting on the moneyline may be the most popular way to wager, sometimes that’s not quite enough. For big fights especially, prop betting can help round out the experience, giving hardcore and casual fans alike the opportunity to weigh in on every aspect of the match. A prop bet has no direct relationship to the winner of the fight.

UFC prop betting may not be as popular as a moneyline bet, but it’s certainly one of the most exciting. It’s one of the most intriguing ways of betting on any event in the sportsbook. Prop betting doesn’t pertain to choosing the winner of a fight, but rather, how a fight will go down.

Though, it’s worth mentioning, the two are often related.

Prop bets are any bets related to a bout aside from the primary moneyline wagers that focus solely on the outright winner. Bettors can take action on how many rounds they think a fight will last, how they think a fight might end or any other possible outcomes that oddsmakers list prior to the fight.

You might suspect that Carlos Condit is not only destined for a victory, but a submission victory at that. Prop betting exists to let bettors cash in on those details.

Here’s what a prop bet might look like:

Johny Hendricks by decision -300
Johny Hendricks by knockout -350
Johny Hendricks by submission -200
Carlos Condit by decision +210
Carlos Condit by knockout +400
Carlos Condit by submission +300

The numerical value indicates the probability of an event, the lower number representing the more likely outcome. In the above example, Johny Hendricks is favored to defeat Condit, and it’s most likely that Hendricks wins by submission.

If you wager that Hendricks will win by decision, you would simply select that option at -300 odds. In order to profit $100, you would have to bet $300. In order to profit $10, you’d have to bet $30. In contrast, a $100 bet on underdog Condit to win by knockout, would result in a $400 profit. Naturally the fighters who are less likely to win offer a greater reward.

Typically one would only choose one of the options if they feel they know specifically how the match will end. This example, however, is just one of the many type of prop bets that may be available in the days leading up to a big scrap.

If you’ve done your homework and suspect that you know the outcome of a particular fight, browse the list of available prop bets and take action where you feel most comfortable.