Sports Betting 101

how to bet on sports

Learning the basics of sports betting is the first step toward making money in a field where many people struggle to hold onto the money they put down when placing a bet. Before explaining the differences between the sports when it comes to betting, we’ll offer some quality advice that will hopefully pave a smoother road for you.

Winning and losing streaks are part of the drama that makes up sports betting. That’s one reason why it’s imperative to be ready for these events, especially in the latter case, where many inexperienced gamblers attempt to quickly earn back their losses, and often find themselves in a deeper financial hole.

Sound money management is a key component that can help avoid the above situation, and put you on the path to being successful in sports betting. That means never betting more than you can afford to lose, and also not betting on every game just so that you’ll have a rooting interest.

Finally, taking the time to find the best betting line can be another key difference between winning and losing for sports handicappers. We recommend you find a minimum of three offshore sports betting companies, since betting lines can vary among the many options available.

Getting started with the basics means first setting up an online sports betting account, a process made easier by Vegas Experts, which makes recommendations on the most reputable firms in the sports handicapping industry.

From there, you have a wide array of sports to wager on, with different ways to bet your money. To be on top of betting opportunities, it helps to stay abreast of the latest information on teams, as well as past and recent histories, and other pertinent statistics.

Wagering on the NFL is the most popular betting option, with college football close behind. In both of those sports, as well as NBA and college basketball, a pointspread is offered on all professional and many college games. In order to win your bet, the favored team you select must win by more than the pointspread, or if you are taking the underdog, must lose by less than that amount.

In baseball and hockey, online sports betting companies predominantly offer a money line, which means offering odds on games. In addition, these companies offer a run and puck-line, respectively, which means teams must win by more than the listed amount (generally 1.5).

All of these sports also offer totals wagering, which is more popularly known as over/under betting. That simply means that you take one side of the listed total, picking the game to either go over or under that amount.

If you just don’t have the time to do research, you can always go to the top handicappers at Vegas Experts for their selections. There are also daily free sports picks to let you get a taste of what they have to offer.