Smart Pick to Win MLB World Series


Who is the smart pick to win the MLB World Series this Year?

The San Francisco Giants may lead the NL West by 2.5 games as we stand in late August, but the odds
makers are not fooled. The LA Dodgers remain the favorites to win the 2021 World Series. With proven
talent that have shown they can win it all, LA is currently +300 to repeat as World Series Champs. It may
not be a sure bet, but it is a smart one at very low risk.

The Giants are having a strong season a well, as they currently hold the second-best record in the
Majors at 81-44. However, this is a much different team then the one that won the world series three
times between 2010 – 2014. I wouldn’t be sold on them just yet, as they are only tied for the fourth
best odds of +650.

Fans may hate the Houston Astron for a scandal that just doesn’t seem to want to leave them alone, but
there is no denying how good they are year in and year out. The Astro’s looks dangerous again this year
and have shown time and time again, they can win when it matters the most.

The Astros sit on top of the AL West Division with a 74-52 record. A mark good enough for a 4.5 game
lead over the second place Athletics. If you’re like many baseball experts and believe the Astros can win
it all then you will be looking at +450 odds.

Don’t let that empty stadium fool you, the Tampa Bay Rays are a serious contender to hoist gold this
season. I feel bad for the Rays, they often get lost in the shadow of big brothers The New York Yankees
and Boston Red Sox. But if you look back through their recent history going back the last 7-10 years,
they too are a consistent winner no one talks about.

Last year’s American League Champions are the third selection with betting odds of +600. The Rays are
four games ahead of the streaking Yankees. New York has closed the gap by winning 11 straight games.
Speaking of the Yankees you can get them at the bargain price of +800 currently. You may want to act
now on that one in case they keep streaking and the price to play goes up.

Some feel that the surprise team this season are the Chicago White Sox who sit on top of the AL with a
73-54 record. That’s good enough for a 10-game lead in arguably the worst division in baseball.
However, the bigger surprise is the massive Twins drop off and Cleveland worrying more about saving
money and social issues, then winning baseball games. The White Sox are young, hungry and only going
to get better. They may not have the experience outside of manager, to win it all this year, but they sit
currently +650.

Tied with the Yankees with odds of +800 are the Milwaukee Brewers. The Brewers have a strong 8.5-
game lead in the NL Central Division. History isn’t on Milwaukee’s side as they haven’t been to the
World Series since 1982 and are only one of six teams that have never won the World Series. Is this the
year that all of that changes? The odd’s are low risk to try it.

The Braves will return a healthy +1600 if they can win the World Series. With the exception of 1995, the
Braves have shown year in and year out since 1991, they are good enough to make the playoffs, but not
win it all. But, can they challenge without Ronald Acuna Jr. That is exactly 30 years of near misses. I
would be very hesitant putting the mortgage on the Braves.

The San Diego Padres were once a serious contender for the Fall Classic but have had a horrible two
months and currently sit at 68-59. The good news for the Padres is that they are still in the NL Wild Card
race trailing the Reds by only one game. If you think the Padres are going to find their stride you can bet
them and get back a whopping +3300.

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