Vegas Experts Frequently Asked Questions


Guaranteed Pick and Subscription Policy

1.  Our handicappers guarantee their picks and subscriptions with site credit equal to the amount of your purchase.  This guarantee only applies to losing picks and subscriptions.

2.  If your pick or subscription does not show a profit, credit is applied to your account automatically.  Credit cannot be applied until all games in your subscription are final.

3. A guarantee credit payout is paid based on profit, not winning percentage.  All picks are graded as bets to win 100 units (negative juice) or bets of 100 units (positive juice).  For example, a game with -110 juice would require a bet of 110 to win 100 units, while a game with +125 juice would allow a bet of 100 units to win 125.

4. Odds used for grading games are selected by the handicapper at the time the pick is published.  While we make every effort to provide accurate odds, we cannot guarantee the same odds will be available to you at the time of purchase.

The reason for this policy is that we want to turn you into a serious investor, which means riding out the winning and losing streaks over the course of a full season betting all of our releases on a daily basis. We don’t want you to go on tilt and press your bets if you hit a small slump, but instead be the kind of player that can focus on the long term.


What are the benefits of the new Vegas Experts website?

The new Vegas Experts website will offer many benefits to it’s users.

Speed – The new Vegas Experts website will run faster and have quicker page load times.

Security – All of your personal information will stored on encrypted servers.

Grading of Games – When you purchase a pick you will see the current game betting line and that’s the line the game will be graded at.


Do I keep my username and password?

Yes, your username and password will be the same as before. Unless you were contacted by Vegas Experts with your new username and password.

Will I be able to purchase picks guaranteed and non-guaranteed?

No, all picks will now be sold guaranteed. If the pick loses your Vegas Experts account will automatically be credited the purchase price.

Can I still purchase a Vegas Experts Membership Plan?

No, the membership plans will no longer be available for purchase. Instead you will be automatically entered into a free customer rewards loyalty program. You will earn credits for every pick you purchase and these credits can be used to get picks of your choice for free.

Can I still purchase handicapper subscription packages?

Yes, the handicappers will still offer weekly, monthly and yearly subscription packages.

What if I already purchased a subscription package?

If you currently have a handicapper’s subscription package it will continue on the new website.

Will Vegas Experts still have betting trends and tools?

Yes, Vegas Experts will still have the betting trends and tools pages providing detailed betting information.