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Football Picks That Win!

If you’re looking to wager on college and football games this season and you want to win then you need to subscribe to the Football Super Systems Club. Tom Grassi has been in the Sports Betting business for over 30 years and he will show you how to beat the Online Sportsbooks. Click Here to sign up online!
NFL Super Systems
Tom's Systems Win Again Last Year - DOCUMENTED
Don’t be fooled by ridiculous records or phony betting systems. Tom’s Super System selections have beat the sports betting lines over 60% of the time since coming online in 2000. Last year was another WINNING SEASON with a 22-12 against the spread winning record. That’s a 65% winning percentage.

You Don't Have To Be a Sports Bettor To Win
Make an Investment not a Bet! Last year alone club members that were $300 players made an investment of only $299 and won $2,640. Over the last 3 years that same $300 player is up over $6,000!!!

Here are two plays from last year’s Super System’s club:

September 18: San Diego at New England – The Patriots opened with a big home divisional win over Miami last Sunday beating the Dolphins 38-24. This week they host the Chargers and have installed as 6.5-point favorites. We like the Patriots in this situation coming off a big home divisional win and their playing a team off a home win, and ATS loss, and this opponent has to travel all the way across the country. We’re laying the points. Play on New England. FINAL SCORE: New England (-6) 35 San Diego 21

December 19: Pittsburg at San Francisco – On Monday night the Steelers travel out to SF to take on the 49ers. The Steelers are rolling have won eight of their last nine games including their hard fought win last Thursday night 14-3 over Cleveland. The 49ers didn’t play very well last Sunday as they went up to St. Louis and lost to the Cards 21-19. For the Steelers their starting QB Big Ben has a bad ankle and his status is questionable, but we expect him to play. Because of his status BetOnline.com does not have a line posted as of this writing. However, we expect a short number regardless of who starts for Pittsburg. We have a 80% system active in this game that has us playing against a team like Pittsburg that allowed less than a touchdown last week and they’re playing against a team off a close loss. The system is a little better if the line is 3-points or less but we’re playing SF as long as they are a touchdown or less favorite….which we don’t think there is any way they will be a large favorite. Play on SF. FINAL SCORE: San Francisco (-3) 20 Pittsburgh 3

Four Easy Steps To Win
1: Sign up for the 2012 NFL Season with a major credit card.

2: Login into your Super System account every Friday between 10:00am and noon ET to view your selections (plus receive bonus College Football selections that Tom recommends personally). We will also be emailing all Super System Club members directly with the picks every week.

3: All Super System Club members are eligible for an exclusive bonus at GTBets! Open a free GTBets account now.

4: Login to GTBets.eu and bet the games before the lines move. Line moves will often occur after the selections are released!

Here’s what club members have to say:

Bill from New Jersey - "Tom, I never got around to thanking you for giving me another chance at being a member of the football super systems club last year. You had a great year, and you guys at Vegas Experts are the only ones I trust. I am looking forward to September as baseball and basketball never interested me much. Keep up the good work."

Bruce from Connecticut – "Tom, I have been a Super Systems subscriber since 2004 and cannot thank you enough for your plays! Getting a full season’s worth of NFL (and now college!) picks for this small price is the steal of the century. Especially when you win at right around 60%! My best year ever betting the NFL was 2009 and I owe it all to your Super System selections. I am only a $100 per game player, but finished that season up more than $1,000 – which is almost 10 times the investment! I look forward to another winning year."

Terry from Des Moines – "Tom, I was so glad when you brought the Super Systems Club back in 2009. I had been a member for only one season previous, and did pretty well, so I decided to give you another shot. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in betting as we started 18-3 and never looked back. Last year was good too and I know it would have been even better if not for a few bad beats. I know a lot of people lost on that Alabama-Auburn game at the end of the year, but going 3-0 in the playoffs definitely made me forget all about that one!"

See for yourself. All of the selections for the preceding three years are posted below. and we post every selection each week.

** 100% Guaranteed ** Remember, if you don’t make a return on your investment (win) then you’ll get a full refund – no questions asked! Tom is recognized as one of the leading sports advisors in the sports handicapping business. His word is as good as gold!

Pricing Information
Enjoy the rest of the season for the special discounted price of just $79 (normally $299)!

Sep 15 Arizona State at Missouri Arizona State Push 0-0-1
Sep 16 Baltimore at Philadelphia Baltimore Win 1-0-1
Sep 24 Green Bay at Seattle Green Bay Loss 1-1-1
Sep 30 Carolina at Atlanta Carolina Win 2-1-1
Sep 30 NY Giants at Philadelphia Philadelphia Win 3-1-1
Oct 7 Miami at Cincinnati Miami Win 4-1-1
Oct 7 Seattle at Carolina Seattle Win 5-1-1
Oct 13 California at Washington State Washington State Loss 5-2-1
Oct 14 St. Louis at Miami Miami Loss 5-3-1
Oct 21 Green Bay at St. Louis St. Louis Loss 5-4-1
Oct 21 Pittsburgh at Cincinnati Pittsburgh Win 6-4-1
Oct 28 Carolina at Chicago Carolina Win 7-4-1
Oct 28 Seattle at Detroit Seattle Loss 7-5-1
Nov 4 Tampa Bay at Oakland Oakland Loss 7-6-1
Nov 4 Pittsburgh at NY Giants Pittsburgh Win 8-6-1
Nov 11 Dallas at Philadelphia Dallas Win 9-6-1
Nov 11 Houston at Chicago Houston Win 10-6-1
Nov 18 Tampa Bay at Carolina Carolina Loss 10-7-1
Nov 18 Cincinnati at Kansas City Kansas City Loss 10-8-1
Nov 24 Stanford at UCLA UCLA Loss 10-9-1
Nov 25 Denver at Kansas City Kansas City Win 11-9-1
Dec 2 New England at Miami New England Loss 11-10-1
Dec 2 Houston at Tennessee Tennessee Loss 11-11-1
Dec 2 Cincinnati at San Diego San Diego Loss 11-12-1
Dec 9 Atlanta at Carolina Carolina Win 12-12-1
Dec 9 Philadelphia at Tampa Bay Philadelpia Win 13-12-1
Dec 16 Minnesota at St. Louis St. Louis Loss 13-13-1
Dec 16 Carolina at San Diego San Diego Loss 13-14-1
Dec 23 Washington at Philadelphia Washington Win 14-14-1
Dec 23 Buffalo at Miami Miami Win 15-14-1
Dec 30 Dallas at Washington Dallas Loss 15-15-1
Dec 30 Baltimore at Cincinnati Cincinnati Win 16-15-1
Jan 6 Seattle at Washington Seattle Win 17-15-1
Jan 13 Seattle at Atlanta Under Loss 17-16-1

Sep 18 Minnesota at Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Win 1-0
Sep 18 San Diego at New England New England Win 2-0
Sep 24 Oregon at Arizona Oregon Win 3-0
Sep 25 Jacksonville at Carolina Jacksonville Loss 3-1
Sep 25 Atlanta at Tampa Bay Atlanta Loss 3-2
Oct 1 Cincinnati at Miami (OH) Cincinnati Win 4-2
Oct 2 Buffalo at Cincinnati Cincinnati Win 5-2
Oct 2 Washington at St. Louis St. Louis Loss 5-3
Oct 9 Tennessee at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Win 6-3
Oct 9 Philadelphia at Buffalo Philadelphia Loss 6-4
Oct 15 Buffalo at Temple Temple Win 7-4
Oct 16 Buffalo at NY Giants NY Giants Push 7-4-1
Oct 22 Illinois at Purdue Purdue Win 8-4-1
Oct 23 San Diego at NY Jets San Diego Loss 8-5-1
Oct 29 Michigan State at Nebraska Nebraska Win 9-5-1
Oct 30 Cleveland at San Francisco Cleveland Loss 9-6-1
Nov 5 Houston at UAB Houston Win 10-6-1
Nov 7 Chicago at Philadelphia Philadelphia Loss 10-7-1
Nov 12 Texas at Missouri Texas Loss 10-8-1
Nov 12 UCLA at Utah Utah Win 11-8-1
Nov 20 Jacksonville at Cleveland Cleveland Win  12-8-1
Nov 20 Tennessee at Atlanta Atlanta Push 12-8-2
Nov 26 Penn State at Wisconsin Wisconsin Win 13-8-2
Nov 27 Buffalo at NY Jets Buffalo Win  14-8-2
Dec 3 Texas at Baylor Baylor Win 15-8-2
Dec 4 Baltimore at Cleveland Cleveland Loss 15-9-2
Dec 11 NY Giants at Dallas NY Giants Win 16-9-2
Dec 12 St. Louis at Seattle Seattle Win  17-9-2
Dec 18 Seattle at Chicago Chicago Loss 17-10-2
Dec 19 Pittsburgh at San Francisco San Francisco Win 18-10-2
Dec 24 Oakland at Kansas City Oakland Win 19-10-2
Dec 24 San Diego at Detroit Detroit Win 20-10-2
Jan 1 NY Jets at Miami Miami Win 21-10-2
Jan 1 Seattle at Arizona Seattle Push 21-10-3
Jan 7 Cincinnati at Houston Cincinnati Loss 21-11-3
Jan 8 Atlanta at NY Giants Atlanta Loss 21-12-3
Jan 22 NY Giants at San Francisco NY Giants Win 22-12-3

Sep 18 Alabama at Duke Alabama Win 1-0
Sep 19 Philadelphia at Detroit Philadelphia Loss 1-1
Sep 19 Seattle at Denver Seattle Loss 1-2
Sep 25 Bowling Green at Michigan Michigan Win 2-2
Sep 26 Buffalo at New England Buffalo Win 3-2
Sep 26 San Francisco at Kansas City San Francisco Loss 3-3
Sep 26  Detroit at Minnesota Detroit Loss 3-4
Oct 2 Washington State at UCLA UCLA Loss 3-5
Oct 3 Detroit at Green Bay Detroit Win 4-5
Oct 4 New England at Miami New England Win 5-5
Oct 9 Utah at Iowa State Utah Win 6-5
Oct 10 St. Louis at Detroit Detroit Win 7-5
Oct 11 Minnesota at NY Jets NY Jets Win 8-5
Oct 16 Miami (FL) at Duke Miami (FL) Loss 8-6
Oct 17 Baltimore at New England Baltimore Push 8-6
Oct 24 Jacksonville at Kansas City Jacksonville Loss 8-7
Oct 25 New York at Dallas Dallas Loss 8-8
Oct 30 Missouri at Nebraska Nebraska Win 9-8
Oct 31 Miami at Cincinnati Miami Win 10-8
Oct 31 Buffalo at Kansas City Buffalo Win 11-8
Nov 6 Baylor at Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Win 12-8
Nov 7 Chicago at Buffalo Buffalo Push 12-8
Nov 7 Tampa Bay at Atlanta Tampa Bay Win 13-8
Nov 13 Tulsa at Houston Houston Loss 13-9
Nov 14 Minnesota at Chicago Minnesota Loss 13-10
Nov 14 Detroit at Buffalo Detroit Win 14-10
Nov 21 Houston at Southern Miss Southern Miss Win 15-10
Nov 21 Arizona at Kansas City Arizona Loss 15-11
Nov 21 Seattle at New Orleans Seattle Loss 15-12
Nov 25 Cincinnati at NY Jets Cincinnati Loss 15-13
Nov 26 Auburn at Alabama Alabama Loss 15-14
Nov 28 Tampa Bay at Baltimore Baltimore Loss 15-15
Dec 5 Jacksonville at Tennessee Jacksonville Win 16-15
Dec 5 Pittsburgh at Baltimore Pittsburgh Win 17-15
Dec 12 Cincinnati at Pittsburgh Cincinnati Loss 17-16
Dec 12 Green Bay at Detroit Detroit Win 18-16
Dec 19 Kansas City at St. Louis Kansas City Win 19-16
Dec 19 Denver at Oakland Denver Loss 19-17
Dec 26 San Francisco at Seattle San Francisco Loss 19-18
Dec 26 NY Jets at Chicago  NY Jets Loss 19-19
Jan 2 Tampa Bay at New Orleans Tampa Bay Win 20-19
Jan 2 Jacksonville at Houston Houston Win 21-19
Jan 8 New Orleans at Seattle New Orleans Loss 21-20
Jan 9 Baltimore at Kansas City Baltimore Win 22-20
Jan 15 Baltimore at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Win 23-20
Jan 16 Seattle at Chicago Chicago Win 24-20

Sep 20 St Louis at Washington St. Louis Win 1-0
Sep 20 Indianapolis at Miami Indianapolis Win 2-0
Sep 27 Jacksonville at Houston Jacksonville Win 3-0
Sep 27 San Francisco at Minnesota San Francisco Win 4-0
Oct 4 Cincinnati at Cleveland Cleveland Win 5-0
Oct 4 NY Giants at Kansas City Kansas City Loss 5-1
Oct 11 Indianapolis at Tennessee Tennessee Loss 5-2
Oct 12 NY Jets at Miami Miami Win 6-2
Oct 18 Kansas City at Washington Kansas City Win 7-2
Oct 18 Baltimore at Minnesota Baltimore Win 8-2
Oct 25 San Diego at Kansas City San Diego Win 9-2
Oct 25 Arizona at NY Giants NY Giants Loss 9-3
Nov 1 St Louis at Detroit St. Louis Win 10-3
Nov 1 San Francisco at Indianapolis San Francisco Win 11-3
Nov 8 Green Bay at Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Win 12-3
Nov 8 Dallas at Philadelphia Dallas Win 13-3
Nov 15 Denver at Washington Washington Win 14-3
Nov 15 Kansas City at Oakland Kansas City Win 15-3
Nov 22 Cincinnati at Oakland Oakland Win 16-3
Nov 22 San Diego at Denver San Diego Win 17-3
Nov 29 Seattle at St. Louis Seattle Win 18-3
Nov 29 Arizona at Tennessee Arizona Push 18-3-1
Dec 6 Tampa Bay at Carolina Tampa Bay Loss 18-4-1
Dec 7 Baltimore at Green Bay Green Bay Win 19-4-1
Dec 13 Carolina at New England New England Loss 19-5-1
Dec 13 Philadelphia at NY Giants Philadelphia Win 20-5-1
Dec 19 Dallas at New Orleans New Orleans Loss 20-6-1
Dec 20 Arizona at Detroit Arizona Loss 20-7-1
Dec 27 Tampa Bay at New Orleans New Orleans Loss 20-8-1
Dec 28 Minnesota at Chicago Minnesota Loss 20-9-1
Jan 3 Kansas City at Denver Kansas City Win 21-9-1
Jan 3 Philadelphia at Dallas Philadelphia Loss 21-10-1
Jan 10 Green Bay at Arizona Green Bay Loss 21-11-1
Jan 16 Baltimore at Indianapolis Indianapolis Win 22-11-1
Jan 17 NY Jets at San Diego San Diego Loss 22-12-1
Jan 24 NY Jets at Indianapolis Indianapolis Win 23-12-1
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