Online Sportsbooks

Local bookies are a thing of the past. Yes, you can still find a few in every town, but they can’t compete with the multi-million dollar online sportsbooks like Bovada and BetOnline.

Not only is your money safe with the online sports betting companies, they provide sports bettors with numerous advantages such as

Wagering 24 hours per day seven days a week online or via traditional telephone lines.

Signup bonuses for new deposits.

Non-sports related betting opportunities. You can play online poker, casino games, or wager on horse racing.

Fast payouts.

How do you decide what online Internet sports betting company to use? With so many offshore betting companies available it can be difficult to make a selection. At Vegas Experts, you will find a recommended Sportsbook section that has information on three top rated Internet sports betting companies. These companies have been carefully scrutinized by the management of Vegas Experts and for a Sportsbook to be recommended they must pass specific criteria. Ownership of Vegas Experts has performed extensive due diligence on the Sportsbooks. You can trust a Vegas Experts recommend online Sportsbook!

Sports Betting Information and Advice

There is a wealth of Sports betting information on the Internet. A number of the sites provide sports handicapping advice. A sports handicapper is similar to a stock broker or investment consultant. If you’re interested in obtaining advice on how to manage your money, or recommendations on stocks to buy, you would hire a stock broker or money manager, or purchase an online stock investment newsletter. If you’re going to do sports betting online you might want to utilize a handicapping service to assist you in making your sports betting picks.

Some sports bettors make their own selections and do there own research. The biggest problem with that approach is that it takes a tremendous amount of time and there is no correlation between the amount of time you invest and the winning percentage you obtain.

Some sports bettors use a combination approach. They do some of their own research and they also rely on information provided by handicapping sites. At Vegas Experts you’ll find free sports picks from the Vegas Experts handicappers, game match ups, betting trends, the FREE My EDGE football handicapping newsletter, and a wealth of other free sports betting information.

Others use the services of a professional sports handicapper. At Vegas Experts, you will find the nations top sports handicappers that have numerous years of experience successfully beating the offshore Sportsbooks.

Vegas Experts also provides guaranteed sports picks from the handicappers. Vegas Experts was the first site to introduce the 100% guarantee policy. All picks released from the handicappers are guaranteed to win or you don’t pay. You can’t beat that.

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Online Sports Betting With Vegas Experts

Vegas Experts makes internet sports betting easy. We provide you with links to the top rated internet sports betting companies and special promotions when opening accounts. Vegas Experts also provides a sports betting sheet that gives you updated sports betting lines and betting odds from our recommended Sportsbooks. You don’t have to go to three different sites to view the betting lines.

In addition to internet sports betting, you can wager on television and celebrity events. The internet sports betting companies have wagering opportunities on the winner of the famous American Idol television show, the presidential elections, and many others.

Online poker has become huge with offshore Sportsbooks. Since the explosion of the World Series of Poker, millions of people throughout the world are playing online poker. Vegas Experts has monthly poker tournaments sponsored by Sportsbook where visitors can win great prizes.

You don’t have to go to Las Vegas to play casino games. All of the Internet sports betting companies have online casinos where you can play all types of casino games including blackjack, craps, and roulette.

Do you like to bet on horse racing? You don’t have to go to a race track to bet on the Kentucky Derby, or any of the other races taking place across the country. Click on one of the recommended Sportsbooks and visit the horse racing section. You’ll find a complete race book with odds on horse racing at all the major US race tracks.