Past Results

Guaranteed Pick: Big Al Mcmordie

BIG AL's 91-62 ATS NBA ROADKILL WINNER!: Al McMordie had a disastrous Sunday, as he was 0-3 in the NBA (and 0-6 overall), and that was Al's worst day in months. On Monday, Al will bounce back strong, and he's featuring this NBA Winner out of 91-62 and 129-86 ATS high-powered situations. Don't miss this play. Hop on board right now.

Game: Denver Nuggets at Houston Rockets Apr 16 2012 8:05PM
Prediction: Houston Rockets
Grade: Loser (-110)
Reason: At 8:05 pm, our selection is on the Houston Rockets minus the points over Denver, as we will back Kevin McHale's crew to avenge last night's loss to the Nuggets at the Pepsi Center. It doesn't happen very often that two NBA teams play back-to-back games, but we've gotten a spate of them of late. Last week, the Bulls + Knicks played back-to-back (separated by an off day), and the Spurs and Jazz actually played each other on two consecutive nights (as is the case here). And, provided certain other conditions are present, I like taking the loser of the first game in the rematch, as I have a 96-65 ATS system that plays on certain of such teams. Indeed, we were on both the Bulls and Jazz in their rematches last week, and got the money in each game. Additionally, the Nuggets are a poor 180-242 ATS when playing without rest (including 86-129 vs. a foe off a loss), while Houston's 91-62 off 3 ATS losses. Take Houston. Good luck, as always...Al McMordie.