Past Results

Guaranteed Pick: Ben Burns

Burns' **10** Monday MAIN EVENT! (31-16 NHL RUN): Off an EXTREMELY EASY WINNER (under that finished with a score of 1-0!) on the ice on Sunday, Ben Burns is STEPPING OUT BIG w/ a REAL BEAUTY on Monday. Regulars know that Ben's "Main Event" plays have been MONEY IN THE BANK over the years. They also know they don't come around often on the ice. Make sure you don't miss out!

Game: St. Louis Blues at San Jose Sharks Apr 16 2012 10:05PM
Prediction: San Jose Sharks
Grade: Loser (-100)
Reason: I'm playing on SAN JOSE. The Blues may have had the better regular season record. However, the Sharks are arguably the more talented team and they've also got more playoff experience. Returning home, after having achieved a split in the first two games at St. Louis, I believe the Sharks are providing us with excellent value here. The Blues won Game 2 by a score of 3-0. They're only 30-41 (-16.6) the past 71 times that they were off a win by two or more goals though. Conversely, during the same stretch, the Sharks were 35-18 (+8.4) when off a loss by two or more goals. The Blues haven't been in that situation for a few years but are just 5-8 (-6.1) the last 13 times that they were tied in a playoff series. During that stretch, the Sharks were 14-9 (+6.4) when tied in a playoff series. The Blues were also only 14-15 when playing a road game with an O/U line of five. The Sharks, on the other hand, were 10-4 (+2.8) wen playing a home game with an O/U line of five, a situation they are 19-9 in the past few seasons. It may not be easy but I look for them to dig deep and to improve on those stats here. *10