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MTi's END-OF SERIES PLAY OF THE MONTH!!: MTi Sports Forecasting has a team on today's card that is on a 19-0 run in the last game of a series when they are off a particular performance. You get the SDQL text to query the situation yourself with your purchase. Only $25.

Game: Detroit Tigers at Chicago White Sox Apr 15 2012 2:10PM
Prediction: Detroit Tigers
Grade: Winner (100)
Reason: The Tigers have the right starter going here. Detroit is 7-0 when Rick Porcello starts on the road when they won his last start and their line is within 20 cents of pickem. In these seven starts, Porcello has allowed an average of 1.86 runs in 6.24 innings. The average final score has been Detroit 7.3 runs, opponent 2.3 runs.

Also, Porcello loves the challenge of a team on a streak. Detroit is 6-0 when Rick Porcello starts vs a team that has won at least their last two games Ė with EVERY start of the quality variety.

As a team, the Tigers are the best in the league in the last game of a series off a loss. Detroit is 19-0 during the regular season in the last game of a series when they are off a loss. See for yourself with this SDQL text.

team=Tigers and p:L and SG=SGS and playoffs=0 and 20110522<=date

The White Sox donít have the mental toughness to sweep the Tigers. Chicago is 0-5 in the last game of a home series when they are off a multiple-run win and 2-11 at home vs a team that has lost at least two straight and it is not the first game of a series.