Past Results

Guaranteed Pick: Carlo Campanella

IRON HORSE 10* SWEET 16 GAME OF THE YEAR: Carlo Campanella looks to improve on his 7-3 Hoops Streak after losing in the NIT last night. Join him on Thursday's Tourney action and find out what line is WRONG and should be adjusted by 10 points!

Game: Florida at Marquette Mar 22 2012 10:15PM
Prediction: Florida
Grade: Winner (100)
Reason: Florida ended their regular season on a 1-4 SU & ATS slump, but have been on fire during the Tourney action, rolling to 26 point victory in their opener followed by a 34 point, 84-50, win over Norfolk State in their second effort. They'll face Marquette in Phoenix knowing they're 8-1 ATS playing away from home after a 20 point or more victory. Even with those two huge wins in the early rounds, Florida isn't getting respected as we find them playing very well on BOTH sides of the court; Not only have the shot 52.8% from the field in both Tourney games, but they have held their opponents to 27.3% and 38.3% in the first two rounds. With the Gators out-shooting their opponents by 10% (and more!) we're taking the points.
10* Play On Florida