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Guaranteed Pick: Scott Spreitzer

SCOTT SPREITZER'S 10* TOTAL DOMINATOR! *13-3 Run!: Scott Spreitzer SWEPT his NBA card last night, (passed CBB), led by another EASY Total Dominator win. Scott's last 2 have covered by 16 points and 30 points (Under NY-PHI last night). Scott's on a 13-3, 81% run since Thursday and he's 14-5, 74% in March NBA! Grab the Over/Under - KICK the books sideways!

Game: Utah Jazz at Sacramento Kings Mar 22 2012 10:05PM
Prediction: under
Grade: Winner (100)
Reason: I'm playing the Under between the Jazz & Kings on Thursday evening. We've seen these two teams playing to the Over in their respective games quite a bit lately, leading to an inflated number tonight. Utah is on a 6-2 Over run, however, things have begun to settle down of late, with Jazz games averaging 193.3 total ppg in their last three outings. Sacto has been an Over machine of late, topping the oddsmaker's posted total in eight of their last nine games. But it should be noted that only one of their last eight games has seen a posted total above 205.5, and five of their last eight totals have been below 198. The Jazz and Kings have faced each other eight times since January 2010. Not a single game had a total set above 201.5 and the eight games finished with a combined average point total of 195.75 ppg. The last four times these teams have hooked up, the total of points scored at the end of regulation were 199, 189, 203, and 190. Yes, there have been a couple of lineup changes and a different style of approach. But not enough to warrant the big jump in the posted number, as far as I'm concerned. This series is on a 7-3 Under run. Utah has had their way against teams that average at least 83 shots per game, going Under 24 of the last 37 times. Meanwhile, the Jazz are 29-16 to the Under when the total is posted 200 or more. I'm betting there has been an over-adjustment. I'm playing the Under between the Jazz & Kings on Thursday. Thanks! GL! Scott.