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Guaranteed Pick: Sam Martin

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Game: Florida at Marquette Mar 22 2012 10:15PM
Prediction: Marquette
Grade: Loser (-110)
Reason: 25* Play on Marquette. We backed the Golden Eagles in each of their first two wins and ATS covers so far in this tournament, and we'll gladly back them again here tonight in a virtual pick 'em spot in a great matchup for Marquette against the Florida Gators. Florida was the beneficiary of an extremely fortunate scheduling rout to this Sweet Sixteen matchup, playing an offensive-inept Virginia team in the opening round and then playing #15-seeded Norfolk State team in a huge letdown spot after their big upset victory against Missouri.

So while the Gators have played two double-digit seeded teams, perhaps more importantly was the fact that they avoided a matchup against a high-octane offense in the Tigers. Florida is not a good defensive team and do not match up well against better offenses - something they'll have to face here tonight against Marquette.

Not only do the Golden Eagles love running up and down the court, getting a number of baskets in transition, but they have a monster advantage on the defensive end of the court. While Florida has allowed four of their previous five opponents to shoot 52% or better from the floor just prior to this tournament, Marquette has held four straight foes to under 40% shooting and allow just 40% shooting on the season - and in a far superior conference than the SEC. The Golden Eagles are much more tested than this Florida team, who has not shown us they can win against an elite team. Florida's jump shots are contested all game long as Marquette runs past the Gators! 25* Play on Marquette.