Marc Lawrence

Marc Lawrence
Marc began handicapping in 1975. He developed a passion for the profession as a student in high school where he met his wife and has been happily married since. He has won more documented Top 10 Handicapping Achievement Awards than anyone in the nation (400-plus). 2009 was a stellar year on the g...

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MLB 08-27-2016

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NFL 08-28-2016

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About Marc Lawrence

Marc began handicapping in 1975. He developed a passion for the profession as a student in high school where he met his wife and has been happily married since.

He has won more documented Top 10 Handicapping Achievement Awards than anyone in the nation (400-plus). 2009 was a stellar year on the gridiron where he went 60-34-1 on his last 95 NFL Best Bet selections and 26-6 on final 32 College Football Best Bets. Included in the run was a 21-6 perfromance throughout the bowls and playoffs. Other more recent accomplishments include capturing the 2008 Playbook Football Wise Guys Contest and the No.1 ranking in NFL Win Percentage in 2008 (by Sports Watch in Las Vegas). In addition, Marc was the Playbook Football Wise Guys Contest Best Bet Champion in 2007 and also earned the No.1 ranking NFL Win Percentage (by The Sports Monitor in Oklahoma City) in 2006, and No. 1 ranking in College Football in 2005 (by The Sports Monitor in Oklahoma). He won the prestigious Stardust Invitational Football Contest in 2005 (the final year of the event) and was named Handicapper of the Year in 2005 by Football News. Following that, he managed to reach the semifinals of the 2006 Leroy's Money Talks Contest and the quarterfinals of the 2007 Leroy's Money Talks Contest in Las Vegas.

Marc has hosted the Against the Spread radio and television show on hundreds of stations nationwide for more than 16 years. It can be heard during the football season via podcast. He also publishes the Playbook, a weekly newsletter and football preview magazine sold online and at newsstands nationwide. Marc believes handicapping is an accumulation of edges. The more you can put in your favor, the better your chances of winning. It's just that simple. Handicapping is primarily a skill of putting as many sound, logical edges in your favor as possible while creating a tremendous handicapping advantage. Marc has has authored thousands of articles, expounding on the fact that three primary forms of sports handicapping exist. Those are Fundamental, Statistical and Technical. To be a successful handicapper one must be a well-rounded handicapper, meaning it's critically important to blend all three forms into the handicapping equation. He relies heavily on a powerful database that allows him to query scores, stat and results of games played since 1980 in College and Pro Football, along with College and Pro Basketball. By being able to identify and recreate identical situations, and checking them against the database, he has come to rely on similar results created by this technical cause and effect. Applying these findings to statistical and fundamental matchups makes for a solid handicap. By applying the handicap to value we learn to win in the long run.

He believes that a fatal mistake made by many is falling in love with a certain team(s). The bottom line is they are all machines and the primary job as a handicapper is to identify those that are well oiled and hitting on all cylinders. His primary focus is isolating on winning teams in underdog situations that have a good chance of winning the game in straight-up fashion. If they do, you win. If they don't, but play well, you still win. If they do neither, you lose. He like those kinds of odds. Hence, Marc lives by the Woody Hayes theory of handicapping. Hayes' contention was that when you pass the ball, three things can happen and two of them are bad. When it comes to handicapping sporting events, three things can happen when you bet on a favorite, and two of them are bad. Conversely, THREE THINGS CAN HAPPEN WHEN YOU BET ON A DOG AND TWO OF THEM ARE GOOD!

Marc looks to avoid high priced favorites, especially those with weak defenses. In the same regard, he will avoid playing losing teams that are favored against winning opponents because losing teams find ways to lose, while winning teams find ways to win.

Throughout his 35-plus years as a professional handicapper, Marc has come to realize that results will vary from sport to sport and season-to-season. Because of his vast experience and his powerful database, he have been fortunate to have enjoyed success on all levels and has come to realize that by winning more battles than you lose you learn to win the war.

Nobody is more dedicated or works harder at handicapping sports than Marc. Because of his burning desire to be the best handicapper he can be, he works 12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week, burning the midnight oil in quest of refining his trade and looking for new cutting edges. It's why the harder he works the luckier he gets. There is no greater feeling when you wake up each morning and your first thought is, "I'm a winner."