Sports Betting Odds

Sports betting odds are the wagering numbers that the online sports betting companies establish. Lines makers at these companies use sophisticated computer programs to run numerous statistical calculations of the two teams involved in the sporting event. The computer program provides the lines maker with a projected final score of the event. The lines maker takes that information and combines it with his overall perception of the betting public, then releases the sports betting odds for that particular game or sporting event.

What statistics are used? The computer programs factor in all kinds of statistical data. For example, when the computer program does its statistical analysis of a baseball game it looks at over 100 team and player statistics. It also factors in the type of playing field and possible weather conditions.

Does Public Opinion Affect Sports Betting Odds

When the lines maker establishes the sports betting odds, public opinion is more of a factor than the statistics. A very good example of public opinion, again related to baseball betting, is that the general public likes to wager on the team that is favored in the game or the better team with the higher sports betting odds. So, if the New York Yankees are playing Detroit in New York, the betting public is going to favor the New York Yankees. Even if the computer program tells the lines maker that the correct sports betting odds for that game would be NY Yankees 150/100, he may raise the sports betting odds to 160/100.

Sports betting odds change as money is wagered. When a significant amount of money is wagered on a team, the lines makers will adjust the sports betting odds. In the above mentioned example, if a large amount of money is wagered on the NY Yankees, the lines maker will move the sports betting line up from 160/100 to 170/100.

Making Sports Betting Odds Decisions

Once you have good understanding of how sports betting odds are determined and how and why they move, you can start making intelligent sports betting decisions. Keep in mind that the online sports betting companies do not all have the same sports betting odds. So, the first thing you need to do, after making your sports betting picks, is compare the sports betting odds.

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Can Sports Betting Odds Changes Help You Make An Intelligent Wager

Sports betting odds changes, large ones, can be a big factor in successful sports betting and sports handicapping. The Vegas Experts handicappers carefully monitor the sports betting lines and in a lot of cases their predictions are predicated on the sport betting odds changes.

Beat The Betting Odds

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