Baseball Betting Odds

Unlike football and basketball, baseball is an odds based sport. When betting baseball you don’t have to lay runs all you have to do is pick the winner.

Lines makes use various computer programs to do logical calculations to determine the baseball betting odds. The computer programs take many factors into consideration such as teams past performances, starting pitchers, home field, etc and then factor the opinion of the betting public to come up with the odds on a baseball game.

How does public opinion factor into the establishing of baseball betting odds? The betting public has certain tendencies that the lines makers are aware of. For example, most sports bettors like betting on the team that is favored to win the game. Also, when betting on the over or under in a baseball game the same public prefer to wager on the game to go over the total. Therefore, the lines makers will make a betting line with the team that is favored higher odds that the computer would project, and make the over/under total higher as well.

Once lines are established, money moves the betting odds. If the betting public wagers a substantial amount of money on one team, the lines makers will “move” or raise the sports betting odds on that team.

Reading Baseball Betting Odds

when two teams play each other in baseball the lines makers establish the betting odds on the game. If, in the lines makers’ opinion, the two teams are evenly matched, then the betting odds would be “pick”. That means that both teams would be -110 to 100. If you wager on either team you would risk $110 to win $100.

However, in most cases teams are not evenly matched. This is when the lines maker has to raise the odds on the better team. If all baseball games were a “pick” the sports bettor would simply bet on the better team.

In baseball betting the better team is referred to as the favorite and the other team is the underdog. When you see baseball betting odds, the favorite will be minus and the underdog will be plus. If you are going to wager on the favorite you have to risk more money than you will win, and if you wager on the underdog you will win more than you risk.

For example, let’s say the NY Yankees are playing the Baltimore Orioles and the lines maker has determine that the NY Yankees are the better team and the opening betting odds on the game are established as NY Yankees -150. If you were going to wager on New York to win the game, you would risk $150 to win $100. All underdogs in baseball betting are “10 cents” less betting odds. Therefore, Baltimore would be underdogs of $140. This “10 cent” difference or actually the $10 ($150 - $140) is the sports betting company’s 10% betting fee.

When these two teams play only two things can happen, the NY Yankees will win or the Baltimore Orioles will win. If you wager on NY, you will risk $150 to win $100. If the Yankees win you would net $100. If you wager on Baltimore, you would risk $100 but would win $140. If you wager on NY and they lose, you would lose $150. If you wager on Baltimore and they lose you would only lose $100.

In baseball betting if the sports betting companies are exactly even on the game, that is they have the same amount wagered on both teams, they only win money when the favorite loses. To illustrate, let’s look at the same game and say that the Sportsbooks have taken one wager on NY at $150 to win $100 and one wager on Baltimore at $100 to win $140. If NY wins they collect the $100 from the person that wagered on Baltimore and pay it to the person that wagered on NY. If NY loses, they collect the $150 from the person that wagered on them, pay $140 to the Baltimore bettor, and keep $10 for themselves.

Baseball betting odds can be tricky to understand at first, but after a while it becomes very easy. First the odds are established because one team in the game is normally clearly better than the other team. Second, the underdog will return 10 cents less than the odds on the favorite so the sports betting company can earn their 10% commission.

How To Win When Betting Baseball

Understanding baseball odds is the first step to betting baseball. However, baseball is a very tough sport to handicap for a number of reasons.

When handicapping football and basketball you’re really handicapping one team against another. Baseball is not that easy. When handicapping a baseball game you have to consider multiple factors in addition to how a team is playing. When establishing a baseball betting odds the lines makers’ most important factor is the starting pitchers. After the starting pitchers, you then have to take a strong look at the teams’ bullpen. Are pitchers in the bullpen available and how a team’s bullpen is performing at the current time? Even the umpires in a game are looked at by sharp handicappers.

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