Free NHL Hockey Betting Trends

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NHL Hockey Betting Trends - Friday - Nov, 27

NY Rangers at Boston, 1:05 PM ET
New York: 23-6 SU as a road favorite
Boston: 4-7 SU in home games

Nashville at Philadelphia, 3:35 PM ET
Nashville: 38-16 SU after 1 or more consecutive unders
Philadelphia: 8-20 SU after a loss by 2 goals or more in their previous game

Winnipeg at Minnesota, 4:05 PM ET
Winnipeg: 1-8 SU after 2 straight losses by 2 goals or more
Minnesota: 39-16 SU in home games after 1 or more consecutive unders

Tampa Bay at Washington, 5:05 PM ET
Tampa Bay: 32-13 SU when playing only their 2nd game in 5 days
Washington: 3-10 SU after a 3 game unbeaten streak

Chicago at Anaheim, 5:05 PM ET
Chicago: 18-5 SU after 2 or more consecutive overs
Anaheim: 0-7 SU after a division game

Pittsburgh at Columbus, 7:05 PM ET
Pittsburgh: 11-27 SU vs. division opponents
Columbus: 18-9 SU off a road win

Montreal at New Jersey, 7:05 PM ET
Montreal: 7-0 SU off a road win
New Jersey: 12-26 SU on Friday nights

Carolina at Buffalo, 7:05 PM ET
Carolina: 3-1 SU as a road underdog of +100 to +150
Buffalo: 3-18 SU in home games after 3 or more consecutive unders

NY Islanders at Florida, 7:35 PM ET
New York: 8-2 SU in road games on Friday nights
Florida: 1-10 SU after playing a home game

Edmonton at Detroit, 7:35 PM ET
Edmonton: 3-2 SU after having lost 4 of their last 5 games
Detroit: 26-36 SU as a home favorite of -200 or less

Vancouver at Dallas, 8:35 PM ET
Vancouver: 3-9 SU when playing their 4th game in 7 days
Dallas: 9-1 SU after one or more consecutive overs

Calgary at Arizona, 9:05 PM ET
Calgary: 20-11 SU off a road loss
Arizona: 7-20 SU in home games after playing a home game

NHL Hockey Betting Trends - Saturday - Nov, 28

Philadelphia at NY Rangers, 1:35 PM ET
NY Rangers:

New Jersey at Montreal, 7:05 PM ET
New Jersey:

NY Islanders at Tampa Bay, 7:05 PM ET
New York:
Tampa Bay:

Washington at Toronto, 7:05 PM ET

Edmonton at Pittsburgh, 7:05 PM ET

Columbus at St Louis, 8:05 PM ET
St Louis:

Dallas at Minnesota, 8:05 PM ET

Buffalo at Nashville, 8:05 PM ET

Ottawa at Arizona, 10:05 PM ET

Winnipeg at Colorado, 10:05 PM ET

Calgary at San Jose, 10:05 PM ET
San Jose:

Chicago at Los Angeles, 10:35 PM ET
Los Angeles: