Free NBA Basketball Betting Trends

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NBA Basketball Betting Trends - Wed - Nov, 25

NY Knicks at Orlando, 7:05 ET
NY Knicks: 26-11 ATS after a game where they made 85% of free throws or better
Orlando: 1-10 ATS in home games after a loss by 10 points or more

Washington at Charlotte, 7:05 ET
Washington: 19-7 ATS in road games when playing 6 or less games in 14 days
Charlotte: 18-6 UNDER at home after scoring 100 pts or more 3 straight games

Philadlephia at Boston, 7:35 ET
Philadelphia: 60-34 ATS as a road underdog of 9.5 to 12 points
Boston: 5-15 ATS in home games after having lost 2 of their last 3

Miami at Detroit, 7:35 ET
Miami: 2-12 ATS after having won 3 of their last 4
Detroit: 18-7 ATS after having lost 2 of their last 3

Cleveland at Toronto, 7:35 ET
Cleveland: 19-7 ATS after 5 games forcing opponent to commit 14 or less turnovers
Toronto: 7-18 ATS after playing 2 consecutive road games

Memphis at Houston, 8:05 ET
Memphis: 86-60 ATS on road after covering 3 of their last 4 against the spread
Houston: 1-8 ATS as a favorite

Sacramento at Milwaukee, 8:05 ET
Sacramento: 11-23 ATS in road games in non-conference games
Milwaukee: 9-1 ATS after 2 games where opponent was called for 18 or less fouls

Brooklyn at Oklahoma City, 8:05 ET
Brooklyn: 0-8 ATS after covering 6 or 7 of their last 8 against the spread
Oklahoma City: 11-2 ATS after scoring 110 points or more 2 straight games

Atlanta at Minnesota, 8:05 ET
Atlanta: 17-5 ATS in a road game where the total is 200 to 209.5
Minnesota: 3-14 ATS at home after 2 consecutive non-conference games

Dallas at San Antonio, 8:35 ET
Dallas: 6-17 ATS after a division game
San Antonio: 24-13 ATS when playing 6 or more games in 10 days

New Orleans at Phoenix, 9:05 ET
New Orleans: 3-15 ATS after a combined score of 225 points or more
Phoenix: 15-5 ATS off a road loss by 10 points or more

Utah at LA Clippers, 10:35 ET
Utah: 14-3 ATS after allowing 105 points or more
Los Angeles: 8-21 ATS after a game committing 8 or less turnovers

NBA Basketball Betting Trends - Fri - Nov, 27

NY Knicks at Orlando, 7:05 ET
NY Knicks:

Cleveland at Charlotte, 7:05 ET

Miami at NY Knicks, 7:35 ET
New York:

Washington at Boston, 7:35 ET

Philadelphia at Houston, 8:05 ET

Atlanta at Memphis, 8:05 ET

Detroit at Oklahoma City, 8:05 ET
Oklahoma City:

Chicago at Indiana, 8:05 ET

San Antonio at Denver, 9:05 ET
San Antonio:

Golden State at Phoenix, 9:35 ET
Golden St:

Minnesota at Sacramento, 10:05 ET

New Orleans at LA Clippers, 10:35 ET
New Orleans:
Los Angeles:

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NBA Basketball Betting Trends - Sat - Nov, 28

Toronto at Washington, 7:05 ET

Brooklyn at Cleveland, 7:05 ET

Atlanta at San Antonio, 8:35 ET
San Antonio:

Denver at Dallas, 8:35 ET

New Orleans at Utah, 9:05 ET
New Orleans:

LA Lakers at Portland, 10:05 ET
Los Angeles:

Sacramento at Golden State, 10:35 ET
Golden State: