Sports Betting Line

We provide updated sports betting lines on all major sporting events. We show you the opening sports betting lines from online betting companies, and also provide you with the updated sports betting lines as they move prior to game time. Then, when the game starts we show you the final sports betting line, or as it is commonly referred to as the closing sports betting line.

Here at Vegas Experts, we offer sports betting picks that help you beat the sports betting lines. We offer free sports betting picks on all major sporting events. You’ll also find a wealth of other sports handicapping information and sports betting tips including free betting trends, free game match ups, and much more.

Linemakers & Sports Betting Lines

It is very important to follow the sports betting lines and sports betting odds before you make a wager. Most casual sports bettors don’t understand the sports betting lines, how they are established and what makes a sports betting line change.

The sports betting lines on a sporting event are established by one or two of the major online sports betting companies. The establishment of the line, or what’s called the opening line, is “put out” by top sports lines makers who are seasoned sports betting professionals. These lines makers have very sophisticated computer programs that analyze statistics of the two teams involved in the game and calculate a recommended sports betting line. The lines maker reviews the sports betting line, factors in public opinion, and then releases the opening sports betting line. After these Sportsbooks release the sports betting lines the other online betting companies follow with the same or close to the same lines.

What makes a sports betting line move? Sports betting lines move when either a “sharp” sports bettor makes a substantial wager, or the betting public has bet a significant amount of money on one side of the game. A “sharp” as they are called are professional sports bettors that online sports betting companies respect. They are respected because they win.

Let’s take a look at how money can move a game. For example, in NFL football, Pittsburgh is playing Cleveland and the opening sports betting line has Pittsburgh minus 6.5-points. That means, if you bet Pittsburgh they have to beat Cleveland by seven points, if you take Cleveland you get 6.5-points and if they win the game outright or lose by 6 or less points you win. If one of the “sharps” comes in right away and makes a large bet on Pittsburgh, the online sports betting company may move the game to Pittsburgh -7 points. Or, after a few days of wagering, an online sports betting company has a very high volume of Pittsburgh money wagered, and very little Cleveland money, they may move the sports betting line to Pittsburgh -7 points.

When wagering on sports, whether you take the favorite (Pittsburgh) or the underdog, the team getting points (Cleveland), the sports bettor has to risk 10% more than they are going to win. If you are going to make a $100 wager, you would risk $110 to win $100. Therefore, the online sports betting companies attempt to put out a sports betting line that gets the sports bettors to wager evenly on both sides of the game. If they are successful they guarantee themselves a 10% profit.

How To Use The Sports Betting Lines

The sports bettors have little or no understanding of sports betting lines or how to take advantage of movement in sports betting lines. At Vegas Experts we provide you with expert analysis from the leading sports handicappers on how to follow sports betting lines. Our expert handicappers have years of experience of winning when wagering on sporting events and are considered “sharps” in the industry.

On the site, you will find our sports betting lines section which we call the sports betting sheet. Here you will find live sports betting line feed from the three top major online sports betting companies. We show the opening sports betting line, every line movement, and the closing line.

On the site you will find sports betting tips on how to use the sports betting lines to your advantage. One of the simplest factors to ensure before you make a wager is to get the best line available. Not all online sports betting companies have the same sports betting lines on every game. In our example above, we mentioned that Pittsburgh may be a 6.5-point favorite over Cleveland. If you’re going to wager on Pittsburgh, you should review the other sports betting lines to see if any have Pittsburgh minus 6-points. A lot of sports bettors may say that the difference is only a half of a point and that’s not much. Let me tell you that getting an extra one half point advantage is huge. It can increase you winning percentage nearly 10% over time.