NFL Football Picks

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Handicapping NFL Football

NFL Handicapping can be a very difficult task. The online sports betting companies put out "sharp" NFL football betting lines. It's not easy to beat the football betting line.

Follow the NFL Sports Betting Lines

Each week during the NFL football season, the online sportsbooks release the NFL football betting lines on Tuesday for the upcoming week's games. At Vegas Experts, we have an online betting sheet that shows the opening lines of all of the NFL games, and tracks the movements of the lines right up until the games kick off.

Review the Match Up

In the Vegas Experts NFL football match up section, we provide detailed matchup analysis of every game. You can see the past results of the teams, complete statistics on a number of offensive and defensive categories, and much more.

Betting Trend Analysis

Some teams follow patterns or do very well or very poorly in certain situations. Football betting trends can be very helpful in making winning football picks. Vegas Experts provides free NFL football betting trends.

Check Injury and Weather Reports

The online sports betting companies may adjust the sports betting lines based on key play injuries or adverse weather conditions. Before making your NFL football picks check the Vegas Experts betting section for updated information.

Establish At Least 3 Online Sportsbook Accounts

To maximize your sports betting odds, you need to "shop" for the best NFL football odds. Check out our recommended online sportsbook section.

Money Management Strategy

A number of sports bettors lose, not because their NFL football picks lose, but because they don't bet properly. Develop a strategy and stick to it.

The Vegas Experts Handicappers

Vegas Experts has an elite team of sports handicapping experts. They all have years of experience beating the sports betting lines, and have garnered numerous handicapping awards and captured numerous handicapping championships. Most importantly, all of our Experts practice the art of sports handicapping with the utmost honesty and integrity.

If you want to greatly increase your chances of winning this football season, you need to utilize the advice of the Vegas Experts. Remember, they stand behind their guaranteed predictions. If you don't win, they don't get paid.

Also, we provide a past results page. Here we show handicapper's NFL picks after the games have been played. Win or lose you can see the results and the reasoning behind every one of their selections.