Past Results

Guaranteed Pick: John Ryan

Ryanís NBA 15* Titan; 10-2 ATS situation: Ryan has the winner of the Knicks-Heat showdown televised nationally on ABC TV. Ryanís research shows you why this play can be wagered with complete confidence and features a 10-2 ATS situation that fully supports and reinforces the projections he has uncovered for this game.

Game: Miami Heat at New York Knicks Apr 15 2012 1:05PM
Prediction: New York Knicks
Grade: Loser (-110)
Reason: 15* graded play on the Knicks as they take on the Miami Heat set to start at 1:00 PM ET. This will be the second Sunday straight that the Knicks will be featured on National TV. Last week they played an amazing game against the Bulls and Anthony willed them to an important overtime win. The simulator shows a high probability that the Knicks will win this game. Supporting this graded play is are several simulator projections showing why the Knicks will win this game. The sim shows a high probability that New York will shoot between 43 and 47% from the floor and will score between 93 and 98 points. In past games, Miami is a weak 5-13 ATS when opponents have shot between 43 and 47% from the field this season; 14-27 ATS when they have allowed 93 to 98 points over the past two seasons. Knicks are 10-2 ATS versus teams who are called for 21 or less fouls per game with the game taking place in the second half of this season. Take the Knicks.