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Guaranteed Pick: Carlo Campanella

IRON HORSE 10* PITCHING MISMATCH **SEASON OPENER**: It's Here! Carlo Campanella has been waiting to make his FIRST BET of the Baseball season and he gets the match-up he wants on Sunday! Start the season with the BIGGEST Pitching Mismatch he's seen this season.

Game: Cincinnati Reds at Washington Nationals Apr 15 2012 1:35PM
Prediction: Washington Nationals
Grade: Loser (-110)
Reason: Washington is off to a fast 6-2 start and starting pitcher Ross Detweiler is their ace. After ending last season by pitching 13.3 innings and allowing NO Earned Runs, he opened this season by defeating the 5-2 NY Mets in a game which he allowed just 2 Hits and 0 Earned Runs! Expect another huge effort from Detweiler in just his second start of the year and his fresh arm should stop a struggling Reds crew that's on a 1-4 losing run while scoring just 2 Runs or less in each of those 4 losses. Reds continue to struggle on the road against an ace like Detweiler.
10* Play On Washington