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Guaranteed Pick: Carlo Campanella

IRON HORSE 10* NBA NEVER LOST TOTAL ***TOTAL***: There's a TOTAL on Saturday's NBA action that's backed by a Situation that HAS NOT LOST IN 3 YEARS! That's right, this Key Angle has CASH 100% of the time over the last 3 NBA seasons! Don't miss this EXCLUSIVE INFO, join Carlo Campanella as he looks to improve on his 10-5 Basketball Run.

Game: Dallas Mavericks at Memphis Grizzlies Apr 7 2012 8:05PM
Prediction: over
Grade: Push (0)
Reason: Memphis is on fire, winning 6 of their last 8 games, including an upset win, 97-82, over Miami in their last game. Now they'll host Dallas on Saturday knowing that they've gone "Over" in ALL 8 (8-0 Over/Under) games after winning by 15 points or more as a Dog, with an average final combined score of 210.4 points per game!
10* Play On OVER