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Game: Miami Marlins at Cincinnati Reds Apr 7 2012 7:10PM
Prediction: Miami Marlins
Grade: Winner (120)
Reason: The Marlins have scored a total of one run in their two games this season and are 0-2. This is not the start they had imagined after making such a splash in the off season. However, they have the best pitcher in the league at turning things around.

The Marlins are a spectacular 6-0 as a DOG OF MORE THAN 130 with Nolasco when they are on a two-plus game losing streak. Check it out with this SDQL text:

starter= Ricky Nolasco and line>130 and streak<=-2 and 20090601<=date

I also checked to see the best team in the National League is when they have scored a total of one run in their last two games with this SDQL text:

p:runs+pp:runs=1 and team and conference=NL

And found that indeed the Marlins are ranked number one.

The Reds beat these Marlins 4-0 in the series opener and Cincinnati was a HUGE money-burner last season of a wire-to-wire win. The Reds are currently on a 12-25 run when they are off a win in which they never trailed – and they were minus 117 on the average in those 37 games. Ouch.