Past Results

Guaranteed Pick: Carlo Campanella

IRON HORSE 10* FINAL 4 TOTAL OF THE YEAR **TOTAL**: ***9-3 HOOPS RUN*** Carlo Campanella returns to the Basketball court Saturday on a 9-3 (75%) Winning Run and serves up his "Final 4 TOTAL of the Year" backed by a Situation that HAS NOT LOST this entire College Basketball season! Don't make a move until you get this 100% PERFECT information.

Game: Ohio State at Kansas Mar 31 2012 8:45PM
Prediction: over
Grade: Loser (-110)
Reason: Both teams have rolled through their Tourney opponents while easily advancing to the Final 4. Ohio State scored 77 on Syracuse (77-70) in their last game after beating Cincinnati 81-66 and OSU has now put up 72 points or more in 8 of their last 9 games. One reason for Ohio State's success is their solid road play, as they enter Saturday's game at 13-5 SU away from home and are also 13-5 (Over/Under) in those games. Even more impressive, OSU has gone Over in ALL 6 (6-0 Over/Under) road games against non-conference foes this season, with a average combined final score of 143 points per game. With the Championship on the line, expect another high scoring offensive battle that will easily fly Over the low Total.
10* Play On OVER