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Guaranteed Pick: Tom Freese

Tom Freese 10* CBB "No Brainer" Wednesday! 71% RUN: Tom won again on Tuesday going 2-1 overall! Tom Freese has his 10* CBB "No Brainer" on Wednesday! Tom is 47-22 68% last 69 and 29-12 71% last 41 overall picks in all sports! He is 14-6 70% last 20 CBB plays! Win Big Wednesday with Mr. Freese! Key information makes this an EASY winner!

Game: Washington St. at Pittsburgh Mar 28 2012 7:00PM
Prediction: Pittsburgh
Grade: Loser (-110)
Reason: Washington State @ Pittsburgh 7:00 PM EST Play On: 10* Pittsburgh Washington State is 19-16 overall this year while Pittsburgh comes in with a 20-17 overall record this season. Pittsburgh has really had a disappointing season. Most people had high expectations for this Panthers team at the beginning of the year including competing for the Big East Title. Washington State took Game One of this CBI Championship Best two out of three series. Washington State now has to travel cross country to Pittsburgh where Pittsburgh will be ready to punish them and get revenge to send this Championship series to Game 3. Washington State is already without Faisal Aden and his 14.5 points per game but it appears they will be without leading scorer Brock Motum and his 18 points per game here tonight as well. Motum also leads the team in rebounds with 6.4 per game. That's a huge loss for this Cougars team. Pittsburgh will be way too much tonight and this will be an easy blowout. PLAY 10 UNITS ON PITTSBURGH