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Guaranteed Pick: Sam Martin

Sam Martin's 20* NBA BLOWOUT OF THE MONTH!!: Congrats to everyone that joined Sam Martin yesterday for his HUGE 33-POINT COVER ON MILWAUKEE, who beat Portland by 29 POINTS AS AN UNDERDOG!! If you thought that blowout NBA Winner was awesome, just wait for tonight's 20* NBA BLOWOUT OF THE MONTH - don't miss it!!

Game: Chicago Bulls at Toronto Raptors Mar 21 2012 7:05PM
Prediction: Chicago Bulls
Grade: Winner (100)
Reason: 15* Play on Chicago. Just a complete mismatch in skill here in this matchup, and the momentum from these two teams are both heading in opposite directions. Chicago comes in off a huge blowout win against Orlando (won by 26 points), and even more impressive than their current 13-2 winning run is the fact that they beat good teams in Orlando, Philadelphia, and Miami in their last three victories. Toronto is coming off a blowout loss to New York their last time out (lost by 19 points), and we don't give them a chance to stay close here.

This is the fist game of a home-and-home series between these squads for the Bulls (Toronto plays a quick revenge game with New York in between these two contests), so if there was any chance of the Bulls looking past this game to their next games - that would be against this Toronto team anyway.

The Raptors just missed qualifying for the same "play-against" system we used yesterday in the Milwaukee vs. Portland contest - a system that produced a huge 33-point cover on the Bucks. And while that system is not technically active here, this is still a letdown spot for the Raptors returning home after a long five-game road trip. No way Toronto can match defensive intensity with the Bulls here, and after scoring just 64 points in their lone matchup against the Bulls this season, we look for Chicago to once again be dominant on the defensive end of the court in a blowout win! 20* Play on Chicago.