Past Results

Guaranteed Pick: Tom Grassi

Grassi’ CBK TV Winner (Won GOY and GOM): **Perfect 2-0 GOY and GOM Saturday** Tom CRUSHED the books yesterday cashing his GOM winner on New Mexico (20 pt win) and capped it off last night with another GOY winner with Long Beach. Today, Tom inflicts more pain with another EASY Winner. Watch and Win!

Game: Michigan State at Purdue Feb 19 2012 1:00PM
Prediction: Michigan State
Grade: Winner (100)
Reason: Michigan State at Purdue – (1pm EST) – after a week or so of inconsistent basketball the Spartans are back on track and poised to make a season ending run. They come into Purdue riding a 4-game winning streak with three of those victories quality wins over Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio State, all by double digits. This Michigan State team plays smothering defense allowing conference opponents to score only 57 points per contest. Purdue enters this game off back-to-back wins over Big 10 lightweights Northwestern and Illinois. Every time they step on the court against one of the leading conference teams they get beat. That includes their previous meeting against this Michigan State team. In that game, if you want to call it a game, they lost 83-58 shooting 29% from the field, and 15% from behind the 3-point line. With Ohio State losing last night, Michigan State has the lead in the Big 10 conference race and don’t see them giving it up today. Purdue has revenge but they don’t have the horses to beat this red hot Michigan State team. Lay the short number. Play on Michigan State.