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College Football NCAAF

College football kicks off the season in late August and runs through the National Championship game in January. The NFL is the granddaddy when it comes to football betting, but college football runs a very close second. There is nothing like the excitement and pageantry of a college football game. College football fans follow their favorite teams very closely.

College football games used to be played only on Saturdays. However, with ESPN providing in depth college football coverage the NCAA has expanded its schedule. Now, during most weeks of the college football season you can watch college football on the cable network beginning on Wednesday and concluding with the ESPN Saturday night games. The increased television coverage has greatly increased college football betting. More people are betting college football picks at online Sportsbooks than ever before.

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Also, be careful of unrealistic claims of winning that are not documented or supported. Never trust a site that doesn’t publish the past results of their handicappers or doesn’t show the handicapper’s college football picks reasoning and results from the previous day. What do they have to hide?

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