NFL & College Football Picks

Are you new to betting football picks online or looking for additional information on how to get winning football picks? This article provides information on sports handicapping and how to win when wagering on college and NFL football. Here, we also discuss how to get football picks that are guaranteed to win.

What Are Guaranteed Football Picks?

You never pay for a pick at Vegas Experts until it wins by covering the point spread. It’s very simple-- if you don’t win we don’t win! If the football pick beats the sports betting line and is determined a winner, then and only then is the customer charged.

There are numerous sites that offer football picks. But how do you know which site will provide you with consistent winning football selections? Never purchase football picks that are NOT 100% Guaranteed to win. Why should you pay a handicapper for football picks that lose? You shouldn’t? At Vegas Experts, the original pay-after-you-win handicapping site, all the football picks are 100% guaranteed.

Not only are the football picks and all other sports betting picks guaranteed at Vegas Experts, the handicappers give you detailed write-ups thoroughly explaining the reasoning and rationale behind the prediction. We deliver the information to you online immediately after you purchase the selection, but we delay the billing until the game is played.

College Football Picks

There is nothing like College Football. Although the NFL has the best players and is very entertaining, it can’t compare with the pageantry, emotion, and excitement of a college football game. Universities all over the country have alumni that live and die watching their team play each and every Saturday. And of course, sports’ betting by those avid followers is huge. The Vegas Experts begin releasing their college football picks on Wednesday of each week. With the tremendous amount of college football games played weekly, it’s a good idea to consult with an expert before you make your college football picks.

NFL Football Picks

Beginning in September, football enthusiasts glue themselves to the television each Sunday to watch NFL football games. Then, after a full Sunday including the national televised Sunday Night game, they do it again with the Monday Night football game. The sports betting odds for NFL games are released by the Sportsbooks on Tuesday and constantly change right up until game time. Smart sports bettors, before they make their football picks, follow the sports betting odds. It’s important that you do your analysis and get expert advice. The Vegas Experts release their selections by Friday of each week. That gives the sports bettor the opportunity to make their wagers early and give them a favorable line on the game.

The Vegas Experts are online sports handicappers that provide winning football picks, handicapping information related to NFL and College Football, and free football picks each week all the way through the Super Bowl. Before you place your football wagers, be sure to check our website to see what the Experts have to say.

Football Picks By Top Handicappers

Vegas Experts has the Nations top sports handicappers practicing the art of handicapping with the utmost honesty and integrity. Our handicappers have years of successful experience beating the Sports Books and have unmatched connections in Las Vegas and offshore, giving them access to the latest insider information.

The above-mentioned handicappers are just four of the famous Vegas Experts handicappers. To view a complete list of experts, visit the specific handicapper’s bio page. Remember, not just any handicapper can become a Vegas Experts. Only those with proven winning results are invited.

If you want to be a winner this football season then get on board with the Experts guaranteed picks. Remember, you can’t lose. All of their selections are 100% Guaranteed to win.