Ben Burns

Ben Burns
Many handicappers make claims of being the best. Ben Burns lets his documented records do the talking for him. Indeed, Ben is widely recognized as one of the strongest and most consistent handicappers in the world. Having extreme confidence in his handicapping ability and a strong desire to do th...

Tis The Season: 10-1 L2 Days ~ 14-3 NBA Run ~ 80% Bowls

Its that time of year again ...

The time of year when Ben Burns does his annual "Santa imitation."

Burns got the week started by delivering a PERFECT 5-0 SWEEP of the board on Monday. 

He followed it up with a tidy 4-1 Tuesday card, moving to a SENSATIONAL 10-1 to start the week. 

Burns will look to carry the positive momentum into Wednesday and beyond, as he looks to close out ANOTHER OUTSTANDING YEAR on a winning note.

While some weeks are obviously better than others, Burns has finished "in the black" nearly single month in 2014.

Entering Wednesday, Ben's long-term profit streak sits at $104,548. 

Do your homework. Ask around. Follow along. When you're comfortable, consider picking up a Burns' all sports membership. It just may prove to be the best investment you'll ever make!

Ben Burns Sports Picks

NCAAB 12-25-2014

Burns' Christmas Morning Breakfast Club!

When you're HOT, you're HOT. Ben Burns WON AGAIN yesterday, moving to a SICK 10-1 on the week.  Burns' CBB is a PERFECT 3-0 the past three days, incl. UNLV outright over Arizona and Temple outright over Kansas. Don't sleep in!

Burns' Christmas Day 10* PERSONAL FAVORITE!

Ben Burns' college hoops is a PERFECT 3-0 the past three days, incl. UNLV outright over, Arizona, Temple outright over Kansas AND Dayton in a ROMP over G-Tech. OnChristmas Day, Burns GOES FOR THE JUGULAR w/ his latest 10* PERSONAL FAVORITE. Enjoy!

NCAAF 12-26-2014


Ben Burns presents his bowl season version of "Friday Feast" in this high rated selection. Go get it!

Burns' 10* False Favorite

Ben Burns considers the wrong team to be favored in this Boxing Day matchup. He's so confident that it is getting his TOP RATING! Get it here!

NCAAF 12-27-2014

Burns' 10* Personal Favorite *First Of Bowls!*

Ben Burns' first "Personal Favorite" of the bowl season represents what he perceives to be a MASSIVE BLOWOUT in the making. Get it here!

Burns' 10* BLUE CHIP *First Of Bowls!*

Totals Expert Ben Burns' biggest O/U plays receive the coveted BLUE CHIP RATING. Enough said!

Burns'10* Saturday Holiday Bowl MAIN EVENT!

Burns loves the Holiday Bowl matchup between USC and Nebraska on ESPN primetime and says there's only one way to go here! Get it here!

NFL 12-28-2014

*EARLY BLOWOUT* Burns' 10* Personal Favorite!

Ben Burns is anticipating a MASSIVE Week 17 of the regular season, as per usual. He gets things started with an EARLY BLOWOUT which has been awarded 10* PERSONAL FAVORITE status. Don't wait. Pick it up right now!

Burns' Customer Appreciation BREAKFAST CLUB!

Week 17 can be tricky but Ben Burns has always found it to be one of his favorite weeks. He kicks things off w/ his FINAL BREAKFAST CLUB PLAY OF THE YEAR. Don't wait. Hop on board now and take advantage of the SPECIAL CUSTOMER APPRECIATION PRICING!

Burns' Sunday 10* BLUE CHIP!

Ben Burns' BLUE CHIP selections have been getting it done all year. All decade for that matter. His most recent NFL BLUE CHIP resulted in a winner w/ Arizona/Seattle finishing above the total. Burns expects his latest to be EVEN EASIER.


Week 17 can be tough to navigate and there are often some surprising results. This one may shock a few. Don't get caught on the wrong side!

Burns' 10* Sunday BEST BET!

Ben Burns was 2-1 with his NFL picks last Sunday including an EASY WINNER w/ his 10* BEST BET on Oakland. His final 10* BEST BET of 2014 goes this Sunday afternoon and its another ABSOLUTE BEAUTY. Don't wait. Get down A.S.A.P!

NBA 12-25-2014

Burns' 2014 Christmas Day 10* MAIN EVENT!

Ben Burns is MAKING IT LOOK EASY on the hardwood (again) this year. Comfortably above the 62% mark w/ this season's NBA picks, he's also a SICK 14-3 his past 17. Overall, he's now an INSANE 10-1 on the week. Now, he UPS THE ANTE w/ his 2014 10* CHRISTMAS DAY MAIN EVENT. This play has been an ANNUAL CASH COW for decades!

About Ben Burns

Many handicappers make claims of being the best. Ben Burns lets his documented records do the talking for him. Indeed, Ben is widely recognized as one of the strongest and most consistent handicappers in the world.

Having extreme confidence in his handicapping ability and a strong desire to do things the right way, Ben immediately sought a reputable company to independently document his sports picks. He settled on the Bigguy Sports Monitor, where his picks have documented ever since. Ben is proud of the fact that there is an accurate public record of every sports pick that he has ever released.

Ben immediately rose to the top of the leader-boards and has enjoyed numerous first place finishes. He has enjoyed excellent seasons in all sports but football is clearly his forte. Ben's College Football Picks finished first overall in 2004. Ben also finished first in the NFL in both 1999 and again in 2002. In fact, Ben has hit at least 50% of his NFL picks in five straight seasons and in seven of eight seasons overall. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that he ranks as the #1 NFL Handicapper in the entire history of the Bigguy Sports Monitor. That's over a nine-year span and competing against a field of 147, including many of the biggest names in the handicapping industry!

Ben finished #1 with his NBA basketball picks in 1999 and #2 with his college basketball picks in 2004. Currently, Ben has posted three consecutive profitable NBA basketball seasons. He also finished with the #1 baseball record in 2004. Additionally, Ben ranks as the #1 NHL handicapper of all-time!

Ben has developed a reputation as a "totals guru" and has accomplished some simply superb over/under results:
• 140-90 (61%) on NFL totals the past seven seasons.
• 48-38 (56%) on College Football totals the past four seasons.
• 116-80 (59%) on Baseball totals the past three seasons.
• 25-16 (61%) on College Basketball totals the past two seasons.
• 96-79 (55%) on NHL totals the past three seasons.

Ben tends to particularly excel during the postseason and the NFL playoffs are certainly no exception. Ben is an awesome 33-13 (72%) his last 46 NFL playoff picks. Amazingly, he's also documented with a perfect 9-0 record with his Super Bowl picks! If you are looking for a consistent documented winner, consider joining Ben today!