NBA & College Basketball Betting Picks

With emerging stars as LeBron James and Dwayne Wade, and the presence of a number of foreign players, NBA basketball has seen tremendous growth not only in the United States, but throughout the world. With the increase in popularity, online sports betting companies are reporting record wagering on NBA basketball.

Right up there with NBA basketball betting is College Basketball betting. There are now over 200 college basketball teams that the online sports betting companies offer betting lines on. The College basketball season starts in November and climaxes with arguably the greatest sporting event in the United States, the NCAA Basketball Tournament, or more commonly referred to as March Madness. Millions of dollars are wagered on the March Madness basketball tournament.

To win betting NBA and College Basketball, you have to closely follow the teams, their patterns, and do extensive analysis. With so many teams and so many games each day, following the basketball betting lines and coming up with winning basketball picks can be difficult.

When making basketball picks, get as much information as possible. Get advice from handicapping experts that have proven records of winning when making basketball predictions.

Basketball Sports Betting

Online sports betting companies make basketball betting very easy. Simply make your basketball picks, then go online and make your wagers. However, if you want to increase you chances of winning then you should consider the following.

Open online betting accounts with at least three online betting companies. This will give you the ability to “shop” the basketball betting lines so you make your basketball wagers at the best available basketball betting line.

Establish a money management system and set limits. This is one of the biggest mistakes that most sports bettors make. You must establish the amounts that you are going to wager on each basketball pick, and adjust as you win or lose.

Bet to win, not just to bet. Many sports bettors make too many casual basketball wagers. Limit the amount of your wagers. Just because there is a game on television that you can watch, unless you have a strong basketball pick on that game, don’t make a wager.

Never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Make knowledgeable and intelligent basketball picks. Get advice from basketball handicappers that have a history of making basketball picks that win.