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A Yankee Guide To Futbol Betting
by Nick Parsons

With the NBA, NHL, NFL, and College Football kicking into full gear, most bettors in the center of the universe (Canada and USA) have completely forgotten or ignored the wonderful world of soccer betting, and rightfully so, it’s weird and it’s not our sport.

Let’s also admit it, most people who bet on Spain to win in the World Cup final probably got angry when they realized the bet result was actually a draw.

Still experienced and sharp bettors would be doing themselves a disservice by completely avoiding the biggest sports market in the world, simply because soccer provides more value than most North American Sports.

So here’s a quick look at some betting terms from that side of the world that NFL ATS bettors might not completely understand.

1x2 Betting

1x2 betting simply means Win / Draw / Loss betting. When a website says bet on the 1, that simply means bet on the Home team to win, X is for the draw and 2 is for the road team to win. It is the most common form of wagering on soccer. Be weary on cup games though as your 1x2 bet does not include results from extra time or penalty kicks, as was mentioned above with the World Cup Final.

Also please note that outside of North America the home team is listed first. So when you see:

Tottenham v Inter Milan.

This means that Tottenham is the home team. In North American we usually list the visiting team first ie) Central Florida at Houston.


Instead of using the term “handicapper” the term “punter” is used to describe those who wager on sports

Asian Handicap

No this isn’t a campaign slogan used by the Republicans in the recent midterm elections in describing Obama’s “socialism,” but rather a way of incorporating spread betting into soccer.

Seeing a spread of -1.5 is common and easy to figure out but what is confusing to North American bettors is when the following double line is offered

AC Milan vs Real Madrid

AC Milan +0.5, +1 -120

What this means is that you are making two half bets. So let’s say you bet 120 to win 100 on this wager and the result is 2-2, then you win both of your bets and get the full 100 as AC Milan covered the +0.5 and the +1.

But let’s say the score ended up being Real Madrid 2-1. Then you only lose half of your bet (the +0.5) but then push the second half of your bet (the +1). So with that 120 dollar wager you only lose 60.


A form of betting that no one wants to bet on but occurs on a regular basis and thus produces tons of value.

No one likes to bet on a draw, it’s hard to cheer for, however stalemates occur on regular basis in soccer. This year, 10 weeks into the English Premier League, draws are hitting at 33% rate which is significantly higher that the occurrence of a road team winning which is at 23%. At an average payout of +230, wouldn’t you rather bet draws then trying to hit that magical 53% ATS mark in college basketball at an average price of -110?

Personally I would trust my money more with defensive soccer than pimple faced freshmen that can’t hit free throws.


When broadcasters or articles mention “tie” they are not talking about draws. It simply means “matchup”. Ie) “This week’s tie between Arsenal and Chelsea should be splendid”




Skill level of a player or team


Standings and please take note that records are listed in order of Wins, Draws then Losses, not like in North America where we have Wins Losses and Draws.


Scheduled game

Anyways those are just a couple terms that North American bettors get confused with. And while most of us despise the sport of soccer there is just too much value for it to completely be ignored in our battle against bookies.

Myles Valentin writes for Nick Parsons

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