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If you are interested in World Class Handicapping Information, Winning Picks, Helpful Articles and Handicapping Resources from the Top Handicappers in the World, then Vegas Experts is the place for you.

The Vegas Experts

The Vegas Experts are a collection of the Nations most honored and respected handicappers. The Experts are selected based on their experience, consistent ability to produce winning results while practicing the art of handicapping with the utmost honesty and integrity. The Experts are always available to answer any and all handicapping questions from our visitors. The Vegas Experts are your BEST choice for winning selections and handicapping information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Expert Picks

How do I purchase an Expert Selection?

Purchasing a Expert Selection at Vegas Experts is a simple three-step process.

1. Go the Picks page, and find the selection(s) you wish to purchase - Click "Purchase Now" (located at the bottom of the screen)
2. Enter your username and password.
3. New Customers will be prompted to create an account. Call our Customer Service line (888-881-8342) to verify your credit card information (and receive TWO free plays!)

What is the difference between ”guaranteed" and "non-guaranteed" selections

The play will always be the same, regardless if it is purchased on a guaranteed or non-guaranteed basis. Where as there is no charge for a losing Guaranteed Selection, purchasing a selection on a non-guaranteed basis means you will be billed regardless of whether the play wins or loses. Because of this, non-guaranteed selections are offered at a substantially lower price.

Starting in 1998, Vegas Experts became the first website to introduce the concept of “Pay after you win,” means exactly what it says. You can get all of the handicapping information on our site on a 100% guaranteed basis, meaning if you don't win, you won't pay!

Here’s how the purchase process works for guaranteed selections: When you purchase a guaranteed selection from our website, a temporary hold is placed on you credit card for the corresponding dollar amount. In other words, the purchase is treated as a pending transaction. When the selection wins, the charge then goes through the following day. If the selection happens to lose or push, there will be no charge. Depending on your bank/credit card company, the money is refunded within 24-72 business hours.

Are the picks the same if I purchase them non-guaranteed as opposed to guaranteed?

Yes. The only differences are the cost and that you will only be billed for a guaranteed selection if it wins.

What are subscription packages?

In 2009, our customers asked for us to begin offering subcription packages and we quickly obliged! Subscription Packages allow you to receive EVERY play an individual handicapper releases (in ALL sports) on either a weekly or monthly basis. If you have one or multiple favorite handicapper(s) that you like to follow every day, subscription packages are a great idea for you. You will save a significant amount of money compared to the cost of purchasing every pick every day from the same handicapper.

Are the subscription packages guaranteed?

Due to the substantial savings one receives when purchasing a subscription, our weekly and monthly packages are non-guaranteed.

How much does an Expert Selection typically cost?

The vast majority of our guaranteed selections range from $35 to $40. Occasionally, a big play, such as a “Game of the Year” will cost $50. Non-guaranteed selections typically range for $18 to $30.

What do I get when I buy a selection?

Typically, you receive one selection. However, often times a handicapper may release a 3-pack of selections. For a 3-pack purchased on a guaranteed basis to be considered a winner, two of the selections must cash in. Keep your eye on the promo for a selection, as it will often tell you how many plays you will receive.

What happens if the guaranteed selection I purchase does not win?

There will be no charge. As mentioned above, you will be re-credited the full amount.

How can I reference a particular handicapper’s past results?

Here at Vegas Experts, we display all of our handicapper’s previous days results. You can access these results by clicking on “Past Results” on the left navigation bar. Due to limited space on our server, we cannot display any results beyond the previous day.

What lines are the Guaranteed Selections graded on?

We base our grading of the Guaranteed Selections on lines from Bodog, BetUS, Sportsbook.com and Sports Interaction, which are our four recommended Sportsbooks. If you feel that you received a substantially different line, please call our Customer Service Line and we can usually credit you.

How can I see if I was billed for a Guaranteed Selection?

1. Click on “Customer Home”
2. Sign in with your username and password
3. Click on “View Billed Guaranteed Picks”

Typically, when do the Selections become available?

Almost all of our Selections for that day are available by  Noon ET that morning. During football season, Selections will often become available days in advance.

I bought a selection, but forgot what team the play was on. Is there a way to look up the picks I purchased?

Yes, it works very similar to checking your billed guaranteed selections.

1. Click on “Customer Home” and sign in
2. Then click on “View Purchased Picks”

Becoming a Member

Do I HAVE to become a member to purchase selections on the site?

No. There is no membership requirement to purchase guaranteed selections at Vegas Experts. You can simply sign up for an account and purchase the guaranteed selections as often as you want as a registered user.

Why become a Member?

1. Receive 20% off all purchased Guaranteed Selections
2. Receive access to our Members Picks Page, where all of our handicappers contribute additional selections on a daily basis.

What is the difference between member and guaranteed selections?

Where as there is no charge for a losing Guaranteed Selection, there is no such guarantee with the member selections.

How do I sign up?

1. Click on “Become A Member” in the upper left-hand corner
2. ***Existing Customers*** should click where it mentions existing customers
3. New customers should enter their contact and credit card info where prompted
4. Choose A Plan
5. Call our Customer Service Line (888-881-8342) to verify your CC info

What is the cost and length of a membership?

Our top two membership plans are the Platinum and the Gold Club! Members of these clubs receive 30% off all picks every Monday as well as free picks! Platinum Club members also enjoy a free week subscription to the expert handicapper of their choice!

We also offer a Two-Month Membership for $30, a Four Month Membership for $60 and a Full Year Membership for $99. These membership plans give you access to the members-only picks for the duration of the package and allow you to save 20% off every guaranteed/non-guaranteed pick you purchase.

After I become a Member, how do I access the Members Picks Page?

1. Click on “Members Picks” on the left navigation bar.
2. Sign in with your username and password.

Who do the member selections come from?

From our same expert handicappers.

My membership is about to expire. How can I renew?

You can either (1) Click on “Become a Member” and then click where it prompts existing customers to renew, or (2) Call our customer service line @ 888-881-8342.

My EDGE Newsletter

What is the My EDGE Newsletter?

The EDGE Newsletter is the #1 Online Sports Handicapping Newsletter, and is a weekly publication. It contains handicapping articles, FREE selections from the Vegas Experts, as well as a full schedule in rotation order for all the upcoming week’s games. This year’s edition is even better, and jam-packed with even more information. Typically, the EDGE newsletter ranges from 8-12 pages each week.

How much does the newsletter cost?

NOTHING! The My EDGE newsletter is 100% free of charge. All you have to do is download it.

How do I access the newsletter?

1. Click on “Download” under EDGE Newsletter on the left navigation bar.
2. Under “Current Issue,” you will be able to download the latest edition.

Do I have to sign up for anything to access the newsletter?

All that is required is that you provide an email address. A password will then be sent to you with instructions on how to download the newsletter.

Typically, when does the newsletter become available?

The latest edition of the My EDGE newsletter will become available on Tuesday nights.

Is the newsletter year-round?

No. The My EDGE newsletter runs from NFL preseason (August) until the First Week of the NCAA Tournament (mid March). 

How can I access past issues of the Newsletter?

On the same page that you can download the current edition, click “Past Issues” at the top of the screen. All issues from the current volume then become available for download.

Can I have the newsletter mailed to me?

No. That is how we are able to keep the newsletter 100% Free of Charge.

Misc. Questions

What are the other features of Vegas Experts?

In addition, to Guaranteed Selections, Membership Packages, the Super Systems Club, and a Weekly Newsletter, there’s a whole lot more to Vegas Experts! Check the site daily for updated Game Previews, Handicapping Articles, and Trend Information, amongst other features.

Now that I’m signed up at Vegas Experts, will my name be sold to a mailing list?

Absolutely not. We value our customer’s privacy, and do not engage in selling information to mailing lists.

Now that I have my picks, where should I go to make a wager?

Currently, we have three recommended Sportsbooks: Bovada, BetOnline and Sports Interaction

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