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NFL Preseason Betting Trends for Thursday, 8/28/14

Atlanta at Jacksonville, 6:00 ET
Atlanta: 24-9 Under off a SU loss
Jacksonville: 9-1 ATS after back-to-back ATS wins

Detroit at Buffalo, 7:00 ET
Detroit: 7-0 Under away vs teams gaining <4.75 yards/play
Buffalo: 4-14 ATS at home off an ATS loss

Indianapolis at Cincinnati, 7:00 ET
Indianapolis: 12-3 Over away off an Under game 
Cincinnati: 1-7 ATS off a win by 6 or less points

St Louis at Miami, 7:00 ET
St Louis: 7-0 Over vs AFC teams
Miami:  1-8 ATS vs NFC teams

NY Jets at Philadelphia, 7:00 ET
NY Jets: 19-5 ATS away vs NFC teams
Philadelphia: 3-13 ATS at home vs AFC East teams

Kansas City at Green Bay, 7:00 ET
Kansas City: 6-18 ATS after 2 or more ATS losses
Green Bay: 26-11 Over as home favorites

New England at NY Giants, 7:30 ET
New England: 6-1 ATS after gaining 400 or more yards
NY Giants: 12-27 ATS after going Over in previous game

Washington at Tampa Bay, 7:30 ET
Washington: 33-18 Under when line is +3 to -3 points
Tampa Bay: 30-15 Under as favorites

Carolina at Pittsburgh, 7:30 ET
Carolina: 5-1 ATS after playing an AFC team
Pittsburgh: 0-6 ATS vs NFC teams

Minnesota at Tennessee, 8:00 ET
Minnesota: 4-0 Over after playing an Under game
Tennessee: 11-3 Over after winning 2 of last 3 games

San Francisco at Houston, 8:00 ET
San Francisco: 5-1 ATS after playing an AFC team
Houston: N/A

Chicago at Cleveland, 8:00 ET
Chicago: 15-5 Over away after playing an Under game
Cleveland: 5-1 ATS after gaining 200 or less yards

Baltimore at New Orleans, 8:00 ET
Baltimore: 8-0 Under away off win by 6 or less points
New Orleans: 7-0 ATS last 7 games

Denver at Dallas, 8:00 ET
Denver: 17-2 ATS off a SU loss as a favorite
Dallas: 12-30 ATS after playing an Over game

Seattle at Oakland, 10:00 ET
Seattle: 8-0 ATS after a win by 21 or more points
Oakland: 9-23 ATS vs NFC West teams

Arizona at San Diego, 10:00 ET
Arizona: 1-4 ATS vs AFC West teams
San Diego: 25-8 Over after playing an Under game

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NFL Betting Trends for Thursday, 9/7/14

Green Bay at Seattle, 8:30 ET
Green Bay: